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Research programs available that support our mission statement for presentation to students and/or parents (both free & fee-based). In addition, research programs others are presenting to advertise.

Join A Committee!

Send an email to

if you are interested in

joining a committee.

Student Activities

Develop positive activities that students can actively participate in, in a variety of settings.

Go to Student Activities to see current activities.

Safe Homes Initiatives

Family pledges for alcohol and substance free homes. Support and establish with communities regular prescription drug collections.​


Raise funds to support NVC activites/programs.​


Issue regular updates to the community on NVC activities and provide information on drugs and alcohol.

Communications & Meetings

Coordinate communication between committees, NVC member and supporting organizations. Support email setup and maintenance.

Grants & Sponsorships

Develop sources of funding from organizations both within Northern Valley and outside. Address 501(c) 3 status. ​

Liaisons with Organizations

NVC representatives that interface with community organizations in the 7 towns.

Public Relations

Contact local news outlets in support of NVC efforts.​

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