About us


  • To reduce chronic underage drinking, substance abuse and other high risk teen behavior.

  • Develop positive activities for teens in our communities.

  • Unify Municipal Leaders, Law Enforcement, School Officials, Business Leaders, Faith-based Leaders and community​ members and to facilitate communication and networking.

  • Promote Safe Homes and a Safe Community by reducing the incidence of under-age drinking.

  • Increase awareness about Host Liability Laws

  • Provide prevention eduction for parents and teens.




Our mission is to unify and promote community efforts to create and maintain a safe/substance-free environment that reduces teen high-risk behaviour and enhances the positive development of our communities' youth and families.



For more information about the Northern Valley Coalition (NVC), please contact Melissa Driscoll, Soci Kayserian, Shari Moss (NVC Co-Presidents)


at nvcoalition@gmail.com

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